The Minerals Chain Pty Ltd (TMC) is an Australian mining company located in New South Wales, Australia.  The company has some mining concessions in North Kalimantan, Indonesia

PT Makmur Perkasa (an Indonesian holding mining company) is located in North Barito, Central Kalimantan.  The company owns several coal mining concessions located at North Barito regency, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia through its subsidiaries are as follows:

  • PT Kaltim Chindo Prima (7,352 Ha)
  • PT Garuda Chindo Makmur (8,192 Ha)
  • PT Garuda Chindo Fatahillah (6,218 Ha)
  • PT Citra Surya Makmur Perkasa (5,052 Ha)
  • PT Fatahillah Makmur Perkasa (5,444 Ha)

Currently, these mining companies are in the production exploration stage.


PT Nagaputih Nusantara Indonesia and PT Nabati Agro Sawit Sumatra engaged in the agriculture sector, i.e., palm oil plantation and refinery, aquaculture, food production, feedstock, and animal husbandry sectors. 

PT Bangka Asindo Agri, an Indonesian company engaged in the integrated green tapioca and sago industry with zero discharge and waste to value presents an independent food cluster model based on cassava and sago. The company has succeeded in developing a modern starch extraction process through advanced technology with a high level of efficiency, low consumption, a closed system, and ensuring the food quality and hygiene process.


Coin Aviation Holdings LLC, a US Investment Holdings company that focuses on the aviation industry which located in Delaware, USA.  The company is seeking financing for its several aviation projects in Indonesia, Thailand, and Africa. The projects cover establishing the airline business for passengers and cargo, and the MRO business.