Portfolio and Client

Our Portfolio


CHATRA has its portfolio companies in the mining sector such as coal and rare earth.  The coal mining sites are located in Uut Murung district, Murung Raya regency, and Dayu and Lagan village, East Barito district, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia  The total combined mining area is 13,567 ha (hectare) and the total combined coal mining deposit is 465.2 million MT (metric tonnes).  While the rare earth mining site is located in Banten, West Java province.

Currently, these mining companies are under the exploitation and production exploration stage.

Our Client


CHATRA is also interested in agriculture, i.e., palm oil plantation and refinery, aquaculture, food production, feedstock, and animal husbandry sectors. Currently, we are in the process to help our client which is engaged in this sector through debt instruments i.e. notes or convertible bonds.