Our Partners

Chatra Global Capital LLC (USA)

Chatra Global Capital LLC is a US Investment Holding Company located in Delaware, USA.


Titan Global Capital Pte Ltd (Singapore)


Titan Global Capital (“TGC”) is headquartered in Singapore and operates as a multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in helping private individuals, family offices, private companies, and publicly listed companies to fundraise and manage their cash flow. Whether it is for resuscitation or expansion of existing business, initiating a new business direction, project finance, or personal investments, TGC will be able to help with fundraising. It maintains a high standard of professionalism and compliance and prides itself on being able to be a trusted partner to our clients and helping them grow from strength to strength.

TGC’s proprietary investment arm focuses on the trading of distressed or undervalued marketable securities, including, but not limited to fixed income instruments (Medium Term Notes), structured notes, listed equities, mutual funds, and other funding instruments.

Working closely with its financial partners, including investment banks, family offices, fund management companies, and prime brokerages, it is able to capitalize on market trends and opportunities to generate healthy, consistent, and above-market returns for its principals.




PT TSG Utama Indonesia is a recently established arm of the TSG Group as a representative office of TSG in Indonesia. Headed by Mr. Ir. Syaiful Idham, PT TSG will be looking to expand TSG Group’s global footprint into Indonesia, with a special focus on infrastructure, energy, and real estate projects.


Atlantis Capital Ltd, Fund Manager Licensed Company, operates in Labuan (Malaysia) and Sydney (Australia) and is led by Mr. Ong Tee Chin.